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Making Movies, by Jose Ramos
Making Movies, by Jose Ramos
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What do Steven Speilberg, Fernano Allende and the creators and producers of Baywatch have in common? They have all recently taken advantage of what Puerto Rico has to offer to film new movies or television pilots throughout the Island.

The TV pilot just shot throughout Puerto Rico -- to be called Angels in Paradise and syndicated worldwide -- features the two-most beautiful girls in each of 13 Latin American and Caribbean countries who will then compete in a gala final to see who really is the most gorgeous.

Here with a crew of 42, the executive producer, who also was involved with People’s Court, Dallas, Falcon Crest, Knots Landing and a score of other well-known TV fare which he put into syndication, said with a minimum amount of travelling the Angels in Paradise could cavort in Old San Juan,the rain forest, beaches, forts and small offshore islands.

Also taking advantage of all Puerto Rico has to offer is Speilberg who is shooting some scenes from his upcoming movie about Chile. And Allende, a veteran Medican actor and producer, whose movie “Slayer” features Wonder Woman Linda Carter shooting throughout the island including various lagoons and lakes, the Camuy Caverns and El Convento Hotel.

For decades noted U.S. producers and directors have taken advantage of Puerto Rico’s modern infrastructure and diverse topography as well as its ideal climate. In the last three years alone Puerto Rico has served as a backdrop for nearly a dozen international movie projects including “Bad Boys 2,” “Last Flight Out,” “I Witness,” Wuthering Heights” and “Havana Nights.”

And the Puerto Rico Film Commission is here to assist the filmmaker in location scouting and securing required permits and clearances from government agencies and providing a list of contacts for local talent.

The right talent. The right incentives. The right infrastucture. Strong government support. Breathtaking vistas and perfect weather. Add these all together and you will see why Puerto Rico is becoming more and more of a mecca for move and television productions.
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