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  • Founded in 1579, Coamo is well known because of the healthful hot springs discovered in 1571. The legends say that this was the fountain of youth sought by Juan Ponce de León (first Spanish governor ...
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Piraguas de Frambuesa > Artisans/Galleries > Coamo (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Piraguas de Frambuesa
  • Public Plaza San Juan PR
  • "Rasberry Ice Cones" by Red Grooms. (expand)
Antiguo Reloj Municipal > Attractions/Sights > Coamo (top) > Puerto Rico
Antique Spanish Bridges > Attractions/Sights > Coamo (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Antique Spanish Bridges
  • 787-825-1150, 787-825-4423FX
  • Rt 1 Km 23.9 and Km 39.2 Coamo PR
  • The steel of these bridges, constructed in 1886 and 1876, was manufactured in Paris. The larger bridge (Km 39.2) is known as the Calabazas bridge. (expand)
Baños de Coamo, Antigua Piscina > Attractions/Sights > Coamo (top) > Puerto Rico
Banos de Coamo, Antigua Piscina
Iglesia Católica San Blás de Illesca > Attractions/Sights > Coamo (top) > Puerto Rico
Iglesia Catolica San Blas de Illesca
  • Iglesia Católica San Blás de Illesca
  • 787-825-1122, 787-825-7006FX
  • Mario Braschetti St. Coamo PR
  • This is one of the oldest churches in Puerto Rico. When construction started in 1563, it was the third Catholic church to be built on the Island. (expand)
  • Mirador Cerro Picó
  • 787-825-1150, 787-825-4423FX
  • Rt 155 turn left at Km 1.1, northeast of town Coamo PR
  • Lookout point with a panoramic view of the Coamo valley and the Caribbean Sea. At the top of the mountain you can find a restaurant and a view point of the valley of Coamo. (expand)
  • Info: Lookout Tower
Museo Histórico de Coamo Ramon Rivera Bermudez > Attractions/Sights > Coamo (top) > Puerto Rico
Plaza Luis Muñoz Rivera > Attractions/Sights > Coamo (top) > Puerto Rico
Plaza Luis Munoz Rivera
Coamo Patron Saint Festival > Events > Coamo (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Coamo Patron Saint Festival
  • From: 2015-01-23 To: 2015-01-25
  • 787-825-1150, 787-825-4423FX
  • Festivities are at the main plaza Coamo PR
  • Three days of artistic and music shows, kioskos celebrating our patron saints, San Blas and La Candelaria festivities. (expand)
Maratón San Blás > Events > Coamo (top) > Puerto Rico
Maraton San Blas
  • Maratón San Blás
  • From: 2015-02-01 To: 2015-02-01
  • 787-825-1150, 787-825-4423FX
  • Maraton San Blas Route Coamo PR
  • Internationally renowned half marathon, where runners from all over the world compete in a challenging 13.1-mile course through the hilly south-central town of Coamo. (expand)
Sports Festival, San Blas International > Events > Coamo (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Sports Festival, San Blas International
  • From: 2015-02-06 To: 2015-02-08
  • 787-825-4423, 787-825-4423FX
  • Complejo Deportivo Edwin Puruco Nolasco Coamo PR
  • Sports fair featuring youngsters competitions, artistic shows, typical local foods, music, kioskos and culminating with the International San Blas Marathon. (expand)
Coamo Springs Golf Club > Golf > Coamo (top) > Puerto Rico
Coamo Springs Golf Club
  • Coamo Springs Golf Club
  • 787-825-1370, 787-758-0303, 787-825-5909FX
  • Rt 546 Km 1 Coamo PR
  • A spectacular finishing hole with short iron to landing area, long iron or fairway wood to green & wind behind on occasions. Only long hitters should try to carry the gorge. Championship golf course in the south, offering wind challenges. (expand)
Coamo Mayor's Office > Information > Coamo (top) > Puerto Rico
Coamo Tourism Office > Information > Coamo (top) > Puerto Rico
Public Car Terminal > Públicos > Coamo (top) > Puerto Rico
Coamo Trolley > Trolley > Coamo (top) > Puerto Rico
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