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Lisa Capalli, LAM
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If you are new to the fashion scene in Puerto Rico, you are in for a real surprise. Puerto Rico’s original industry, needlework, has transformed itself over the decades into a highly sophisticated group of designers whose works are not only well received on the Island but acclaimed in New York and other international fashion meccas.

San Juan Fashion Week, held twice a year in March and September and covered by the international press, gives residents an idea of what can be theirs at the designers’ boutiques at the same time that it permits tourists to select something not only truly local...but truly lovely.

Once a well-known NewYork fashion magazine editor, Nono Maldonado now dresses beauty queens, sports stars and television personalities in his elegant and glamorous styles. His store features casual, casual-elegant and formal wear for both men and women in an always-sophisticated selection.

Miss Universe 2001 is just one of the lucky ones to be dressed by Gustavo Arango. His modern and classic dresses and jackets as well as his simple and modern styles have been recognized in New York, where he designed for the famed Bill Blass.

Known for his eclectic style running the gamut from casual-elegant to formal, David Antonio is also acclaimed for his men’s line, which focuses on long-sleeved shirts, jackets and sweaters. Only one garment is made in each size.

Probably Puerto Rico’s most cutting-edge and eclectic designer, Stella Nolasco shows off best in her casual line of clothes for girls with great figures as well as the sufficiently daring and ultra-modern woman.

Winner of many design awards, his atelier creates a contemporary elegance. Featuring women’s wear running from casual-elegant to formal, the boutique allows you to be attended by the designer himself.

Offering fashions from jeans to ball gowns, Lisa Capalli will personally show you her Victorian and romantic lines of women’s clothes. Known as the designer to top international models and singers, she also creates clothes that may be seen draping the bodies of various Miami television hosts.

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