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Playa de Guayanilla, NIV
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The town was founded in 1833. Archeologists have found evidence of a Taíno village in the region ruled by Chief Agüeybana. Guayanilla is located in a spectacular natural habitat formed by extensive mangrove forests. There are hundreds of species of birds and other wildlife as well as spawning grounds for a great variety of fish life in the mangroves.

This town, with its deep fishing heritage, is known as "La Villa de los Pescadores" (the Fishermen Town). The Plaza del Pescador Desaparecido (on the boardwalk) commemorates six fishermen who never returned from the sea. Near the boardwalk you can find several seafood restaurants.

>How to go:
From San Juan take Rt. 52 all the way to Ponce. Then take Rt. 2 to the exit for Guayanilla.
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