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Tino's Restaurant, NIV
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In addition to spectacular beaches, infectious music and a vivacious culture, Puerto Rico is also known for its food. Hailed as the “Gastronomic Capital of the Caribbean,” the Island boasts numerous world-class and award-winning restaurants. With an endless selection of international and specialty cuisine, you can find everything from Hindu to Latin-Asian fusion.

Restaurant recommendations are a big help when choosing a dining destination and you’ll get plenty of suggestions while in San Juan. But what if you venture outside the metropolitan area? How would you know where to find a nice restaurant with good food that won’t take up your entire vacation budget?

This is a common scenario for visitors to Puerto Rico as well as residents exploring the Island. So what does one do when hunger strikes in unfamiliar territory? Just look for a restaurant that is part of the Mesones Gastronómicos program. This program recognizes an elite group of gastronomic inns endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company that offer the best cuisine in the finest country settings.

While the Mesones Gastronómicos Program began in Puerto Rico in 1987, the concept originated in Spain. Participating restaurants must adhere to the highest standards of quality and service to attain, and keep, the PRTC endorsement.

All of the restaurants are outside of Metropolitan San Juan and you will find them in every corner of the Island as well as its center. Most of the mesones are family owned.
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