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  • Checking the general information listings in Puerto Rico you will find info on everything from accommodation rates to the weather line. This can be found under the map on the main page by selecting
  • Accommodations
  • San Juan Metro PR
  • The prices shown are representative of high-season rates, per unit, double occupancy at the time of publication. These prices are subject to change and are not guaranteed. Confirm your price before booking. The accommodations are accessible by everyone. ... (expand)
Airlines, Air Charter, Airports > Information > Island-Wide (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Airlines, Air Charter, Airports
  • San Juan Metro PR
  • Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport is the major international hub in the Caribbean with flights worldwide and 50% of the flights in the Caribbean. There are daily inter-Island flights to Aguadilla, Culebra, Fajardo, Mayagüez, Ponce and Vieques ... (expand)
Attractions and Sights > Information > Island-Wide (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Attractions and Sights
  • San Juan Metro PR
  • There are hundreds of attractions in Puerto Rico. The main forts in San Juan are open 7 days a week. Typically, other sites are open Tue-Sun 9-4. Since the days and hours change, call ahead. (expand)
Banking and Currency > Information > Island-Wide (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Banking and Currency
  • San Juan Metro PR
  • Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the US and uses the US dollar. Most major US banks have branches here. Banking hours are from 8:30-2:30 (though some have extended hours). Credit cards & travelers checks are widely accepted. Automatic teller machines ... (expand)
  • Bus Information
  • 37 Ave. Diego, Urb. San Francisco San Juan Metro PR
  • Bus stops are marked with signs that read PARADA. You need to pay a fee of $.50 or $.25 depending on the route, every time you board a bus. Buses numbered A5 and B21 are frequently used to move around the Isla Verde, Condado, Old San Juan tourist areas. (expand)
Car & Truck Rentals > Information > Island-Wide (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Car & Truck Rentals
  • San Juan Metro PR
  • You can find car and truck rentals, from budget to luxury and sedans to SUVs, throughout the Island. The main number for the rental company, which is most often at the international airport, is listed under the San Juan Metro Directory. (expand)
  • Cruise Ship Port
  • San Juan Metro PR
  • Many passengers extend their vacation for an extra couple of days, before or after the trip, in Puerto Rico. Essentially you get two trips for the price of one without incurring the extra travel time and expense. (expand)
  • Dining
  • San Juan Metro PR
  • You are in the dining capital of the Caribbean. In major cities, expect to pay top dollar dining, especially if your taste runs to fashionable decor and formal service. As part of your Island explorations, try a Mesón Gastronómico. These great local ... (expand)
  • Events
  • San Juan Metro PR
  • Puerto Rico has a long history of cultural events built around the Patron Saint Festival in each municipality. In addition, a number of world-class events as well as local celebrations are held throughout the year. (expand)
  • Ferry Service
  • San Juan Metro PR
  • Ferries run between Old San Juan and Cataño, Cataño and Hato Rey, Fajardo and Culebra, Fajardo and Vieques, Vieques and Culebra. Check the area directories for the schedules. (expand)
Honeymoon in Puerto Rico > Information > Island-Wide (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Honeymoon in Puerto Rico
  • San Juan Metro PR
  • Puerto Rico is a great place to get off to a romantic start. A number of hotels offer something special. This can range from free champagne to discounted rooms. Just inquire when you book. To find out how you get married in Puerto Rico, look under Marriage. (expand)
  • Immigration
  • San Juan Metro PR
  • There are no passports or visas required for US citizens. For citizens of other countries, call your local US Embassy to determine entry requirements. (expand)
Internet site for the PRTC > Information > Island-Wide (top) > Puerto Rico
Internet site for this Planner > Information > Island-Wide (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Internet site for this Planner
  • San Juan Metro PR
  • is the companion website to the Puerto Rico Planner. Check the site for the most current information on the listings in the Planner and to link directly to the websites of the businesses, activities and attractions shown in the ... (expand)
Languages: Spanish & English > Information > Island-Wide (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Mail
  • San Juan Metro PR
  • US Post Office and overnight delivery services are readily available. The USPO has an excellent guide to Puerto Rico addresses on their website. (expand)
Marriage (how to get married in PR) > Information > Island-Wide (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Marriage (how to get married in PR)
  • 787-767-9120, 787-281-8867, 787-751-5003FX
  • 171 Quisqueya St. San Juan PR
  • To get married in Puerto Rico you need identification such as a driver's license or a passport (for non-US citizens). You also need a VDRL blood test within 10 days of the wedding, divorce decree or death certificate if that applies. Papers must ... (expand)
Medical/Hospital/Emergencies > Information > Island-Wide (top) > Puerto Rico
Mesones Gastronómicos > Information > Island-Wide (top) > Puerto Rico
Mesones Gastronomicos
  • Mesones Gastronómicos
  • 800-866-7827, 787-721-2622, 787-721-4698FX
  • PRTC- 2 La Princesa Old San Juan PR
  • This is a special PRTC program that recognizes outstanding restaurants outside of San Juan that maintain the highest level of quality and feature local specialties. Only restaurants with the PRTC endorsement can call themselves a Mesón Gastronómico. (expand)
  • Nightlife
  • San Juan Metro PR
  • San Juan is unsurpassed in nightlife and cultural entertainment: theater, dance, operas, concerts and the ballet. Major hotels all around the Island offer some of the best entertainment: casinos, nightclubs and restaurants. Latin-style music, including ... (expand)
PRTC-LeLoLai Festival > Information > Island-Wide (top) > Puerto Rico
  • PRTC-LeLoLai Festival
  • 787-721-2400 ext 2215, 787-723-8392FX
  • San Juan PR
  • The LeLoLai Festival is perhaps the most all-encompassing and attractive cultural festival in Puerto Rico, created to showcase the Island's enticing blend of Spanish, Taíno Indian and African traditions. We invite you to enjoy unforgettable live ... (expand)
PRTC-Parador Information > Information > Island-Wide (top) > Puerto Rico
  • PRTC-Parador Information
  • 800-866-7827, 787-721-1039FX
  • Num. 1 Paseo La Princesa San Juan PR
  • Paradores are family-owned and -operated inns offering true Puerto Rican hospitality. Located outside of metropolitan San Juan, these inns range from centuries-old haciendas to small properties in local fishing villages. Only properties meeting the Tourism ... (expand)
PRTC-Puerto Rico Is Fun Package > Information > Island-Wide (top) > Puerto Rico
  • PRTC-Puerto Rico Is Fun Package
  • 787-721-2400, 787-725-4417FX
  • Old San Juan PR
  • At, individuals planning Puerto Rico vacations have a great money saving opportunity, and it's only a few clicks away. Travelers can make reservations for special online travel packages offering bonuses and discounts when the ... (expand)
PRTC-Tourist Transportation > Information > Island-Wide (top) > Puerto Rico
  • PRTC-Tourist Transportation
  • 787-253-0418, 787-999-2100, 787-791-8033FX
  • San Juan PR
  • There are Ground Transportation Booths run by the PRTC (Tourism Transportation area) inside and outside the baggage claim areas, in the arrival sections at Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport and in the Old San Juan cruise ship piers. The staff ... (expand)
Prices in this Planner > Information > Island-Wide (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Prices in this Planner
  • San Juan Metro PR
  • The prices change and are not guaranteed. You must call to confirm the current prices and tax. These prices were the high season prices quoted to us at the time of publication. The accommodation prices are per room, double occupancy for the least expensive ... (expand)
Puerto Rico Convention Bureau > Information > Island-Wide (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Puerto Rico Convention Bureau
  • 787-725-2110, 787-725-2133FX
  • 500 Tanca Suite 402 San Juan PR
  • The Puerto Rico Convention Bureau is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and developing the group & convention business for the Island. We assist meeting planners with everything from initial hotel proposals to on-site staffing. (expand)
Puerto Rico Golf Association > Information > Island-Wide (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Puerto Rico Golf Association
  • 787-793-3444, 787-273-3138FX, 787-392-0772
  • #264, Ste 11, Paradise Commercial Center San Juan PR
  • This governing body for amateur golf in Puerto Rico was formed in 1954. Today it run 7 major championships and 30 other golf events. Is the host organization for the Puerto Rico Open, presented by, an PGA TOUR official event, the PR ... (expand)
Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) > Information > Island-Wide (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Públicos
  • San Juan Metro PR
  • Públicos are individuals or companies that offer van service on fixed routes throughout the Island. Like a bus company, you pay a small charge to go anywhere along the standard route. Most of the vehicles are passenger vans. A very inexpensive and popular ... (expand)
  • Shopping
  • San Juan Metro PR
  • Puerto Rico offers the largest shopping center in the Caribbean (Plaza Las Américas) and a number of large malls and outlet malls around the Island. As there is no sales tax on most purchases, this is a shopper's paradise. Just look in the directory ... (expand)
Special-Needs Travelers > Information > Island-Wide (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Special-Needs Travelers
  • San Juan Metro PR
  • All the hotels have facilities for travelers with special needs. Some operators, such as tour operators, offer unique services for the special-needs traveler (which are part of their description). The Sea Without Barriers area of Luquillo Beach is designed ... (expand)
  • Taxes and Tipping
  • San Juan Metro PR
  • A hotel tax is added to your bill. The tax for hotels with casinos: 11%, Paradores: 7%, all other accommodations: 9%. The standard tip is 15%. Most retail purchases are tax free. (expand)
  • Taxis
  • San Juan Metro PR
  • Taxi service is readily available in the major cities. In San Juan the rates for regular tourist trips are set as flat rates (see San Juan Metro: Taxi). Where taxi service is unavailable, you might want to try a Público. (expand)
Telephone Service (Area 787 & 939) > Information > Island-Wide (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Telephone Service (Area 787 & 939)
  • San Juan Metro PR
  • A modern, reliable US-style telephone service. Numbers with area code 800, 888, 877 or 866 are toll free from Puerto Rico or the US. Most hotel systems are compatible with dial-up modems. Some properties have high-speed Internet connections. Puerto Rico ... (expand)
  • Time of Day
  • 787-728-9595
  • San Juan PR
  • Atlantic Standard Time (AST): the same as Eastern Standard Time (EST) +1 hour. Daylight savings time is not observed. May to October: AST = EST, October to April: AST = EST+1. (expand)
  • Tours and Trolleys
  • San Juan Metro PR
  • Quite often, you will be able to arrange a free tour of local attractions and sights through the mayor's office or tourism office of the local municipality. This is particularly true of the smaller communities on the Island. You will also find that ... (expand)
US Customs and Border Protection > Information > Island-Wide (top) > Puerto Rico
  • US Customs and Border Protection
  • 787-253-4540, 787-253-7811FX
  • 1 Puntilla St. Old San Juan PR
  • A customs passenger service representative is available to provide on-site passenger complaint resolution. (expand)
  • Weather
  • 787-253-4586
  • San Juan PR
  • Puerto Rico enjoys an average temperature of 82°F (28°C) from November to May. The average beach temperatures are 80°F in summer and 76°F in the winter. The mountains tend to be 20° colder in the winter. Call this number for current weather report. (expand)
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