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  • Whether Luquillo derived its name from Loukuo, a Taíno divinity, or the famous Taíno chief Luquilla, is a matter of some contention. However, there is no argument that Luquillo offers one of the most ...
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Horseback Riding
Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn > Accommodations/Hotels > Luquillo (top) > Puerto Rico
Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn
  • Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn
  • 787-889-1713, 787-409-2929, 787-889-4319FX
  • $105-185, 14 Units
  • A2 Ocean Boulevard Luquillo PR
  • All rooms face the ocean, most with an available balcony. A new guest house for the budget minded. We arrange trips for sailing, fishing, scuba, snorkeling. Tours to the bioluminescent bay. Includes a hot breakfast served on the open terrace. (expand)
  • Info: Air conditioned, Beach, Internet WiFi, Meeting Facilities, PRTC Endorsed, Rooms
Rain Forest Ocean View Inn > Accommodations/Hotels > Luquillo (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Rain Forest Ocean View Inn
  • 787-448-8139, 787-889-1807, 866-247-2121
  • $175-175, 12 Units
  • Rt 992, Km 4.0 Luquillo PR
  • Rainforest & Ocean View Inn at Hacienda Carabali is the best choice of a small Inn at the east side of the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico. We have created a different experience based on personal service, the eco surroundings, and our unique location. (expand)
  • Yunquemar
  • 787-889-5555, 787-646-2089, 787-889-3973FX
  • $75-225, 15 Units
  • 6 1st St. Fortuna Playa Luquillo PR
  • Welcome to paradise! at Hotel Yunque Mar. Beach front with spectacular view. Enjoy our art gallery. El Yunque rain forest & Luquillo beach 5 minutes away. Close to casinos,golf,tennis,marinas,watersports & outlets. 15 minutes to the ferry to Vieques ... (expand)
  • Info: Air conditioned, Beach, Honeymoon Packages, Kitchens in some/all units, Meeting Facilities, PRTC Endorsed, Pool, Restaurants/Clubs, Rooms, Suites
  • Luquillo Artisans
  • 787-889-2525, 787-889-2451, 787-889-2225FX
  • Luquillo PR
  • Glass crafts and traditional candies. (expand)
  • Info: Other Arts and Crafts
  • Tintorera
  • Boardwalk San Juan PR
  • "Shark" by Carlos Guzmán. (expand)
Centro de Arte y Cultura > Attractions/Sights > Luquillo (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Centro de Arte y Cultura
  • 787-633-1096, 215-252-7020FX
  • 65th Ave. Flyover, past Luquillo Beach Luquillo PR
  • (expand)
Monumento al Cacique Loquillo > Attractions/Sights > Luquillo (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Monumento al Cacique Loquillo
  • 787-889-2525, 787-889-2451, 787-889-2225FX
  • July 14 St #160, in front of Post Office Luquillo PR
  • A monument to the Taino chief Loquillo. (expand)
Plaza Rosendo Matienzo Cintrón > Attractions/Sights > Luquillo (top) > Puerto Rico
Plaza Rosendo Matienzo Cintron
  • Plaza Rosendo Matienzo Cintrón
  • 787-889-2525, 787-889-2451, 787-889-2225FX
  • Rosendo Matienzo Cintrón St. Luquillo PR
  • Central plaza for Luquillo. (expand)
Salón de los Alcaldes > Attractions/Sights > Luquillo (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Salón de los Alcaldes
  • 787-889-2525, 787-889-2451, 787-889-2225FX
  • 14 de Julio Luquillo PR
  • Exhibition about the previous mayors of Luquillo. (expand)
Balneario La Monserrate (Blue Flag Beach) > Beach > Luquillo (top) > Puerto Rico
Balneario La Monserrate (Blue Flag Beach)
  • Balneario La Monserrate (Blue Flag Beach)
  • 787-889-5871, 787-889-4401FX
  • Rt 3, east of San Juan San Juan PR
  • One of the major beaches in Puerto Rico. Camping available. Part of this beach, the Sea Without Barriers, is a facility for those with special needs and for seniors. (expand)
  • Info: Balneario, Beach, Blue Flag, Camping
Playa Azul and Costa Azul > Beach > Luquillo (top) > Puerto Rico
Playa Azul and Costa Azul
  • Playa Azul and Costa Azul
  • 787-889-2525, 787-889-2451, 787-889-2225FX
  • Rt 193 Km 1.1 Luquillo PR
  • Playa Azul is known for its good snorkeling. (expand)
Playa La Pared > Beach > Luquillo (top) > Puerto Rico
Playa La Pared
  • Playa La Pared
  • 787-889-2525, 787-889-2451, 787-889-2225FX
  • Herminio Díaz Navarro St. Luquillo PR
  • This beach is near, but separate from, Luquillo Beach. (expand)
  • Info: Camping, Surfing
Sea Without Barriers (Mar Accesible) > Beach > Luquillo (top) > Puerto Rico
Sea Without Barriers (Mar Accesible)
  • Sea Without Barriers (Mar Accesible)
  • 787-889-4329, 787-889-4329FX
  • Balneario de Luquillo San Juan PR
  • A unique wheelchair-accessible facility on the east side of Balneario de Luquillo. The dedicated staff is trained to assist those with special needs in the use of the unique equipment & systems designed to make the Puerto Rican waters as accessible as ... (expand)
Festival de los Platos Típicos > Events > Luquillo (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Festival de los Platos Típicos
  • From: 2014-11-21 To: 2014-11-23
  • 787-889-2525, 787-889-2451, 787-889-2225FX
  • Plaza de Recreo Luquillo PR
  • A festival highlighting local dishes and beverages made with coconut. Local music, arts and crafts exhibits. (expand)
Hacienda Carabalí Riding > Horseback Riding > Luquillo (top) > Puerto Rico
Hacienda Carabali Riding
  • Hacienda Carabalí Riding
  • 787-889-5820, 787-889-0695FX
  • Rt 992 Km 3.0 Luquillo PR
  • Horseback ride on fine Paso Fino horses carefully matched to each rider's ability. An experienced trail guide leads visitors down the mountainside & across streams to bordering lowlands. The ride includes a beautiful river stop. (expand)
  • Info: PRTC Endorsed
Luquillo Mayor's Office > Information > Luquillo (top) > Puerto Rico
Luquillo Mayor's Office
  • Luquillo Mayor's Office
  • 787-889-2525, 787-889-2451, 787-889-2225FX
  • 14 de Julio Luquillo PR
  • (expand)
  • AdvenTours
  • 787-889-0251, 787-530-8311
  • Luquillo PR
  • Excursions with environmental and cultural education, bird & wildlife observation, hiking/trekking at forests, night hikes, Taíno Indian re-enactment, coffee plantations, bicycling, kayaking, ecoyoga, backpacking. (expand)
  • Info: Bird-Watching, Hiking, Kayaking, PRTC Endorsed
Luquillo Taxi > Taxis > Luquillo (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Luquillo Taxi
  • 787-513-7685
  • Luquillo PR
  • Taxi from SJU Airport to - Gran Melia, St. Regis, Bahia Beach, Rio Grande, Rio Mar, Wyndham, El Conquistador, San Juan Tour Taxi, Fajardo Ferry Taxi, Cruise Ship (expand)
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