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  • Maricao is the first town on the western portion of the Ruta Panorámica Luis Muñoz Marín as you leave Mayagüez. Historically, Maricao was a refuge for the Spaniards and the Taíno Indians from the ...
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Maricao Artisans
  • Maricao Artisans
  • 787-838-2290, 787-838-2520FX
  • Maricao PR
  • Basketry, santos and wood turning. (expand)
  • Info: Basketry, Santos (wood carved saints), Wood Turning
Gruta San Juan Bautista > Attractions/Sights > Maricao (top) > Puerto Rico
Gruta San Juan Bautista
  • Gruta San Juan Bautista
  • 787-838-2290, 787-838-2520FX
  • Rt 410 Km 0.2 Maricao PR
  • Recreational park with a small waterfall, kiosks and playgrounds. Here you will find a sanctuary which represents the baptism of Jesus Christ. (expand)
Maricao Fish Hatchery > Attractions/Sights > Maricao (top) > Puerto Rico
Maricao Fish Hatchery
  • Maricao Fish Hatchery
  • Twitter
  • 787-838-3710, 787-999-2200 ext 2696, 787-999-2271FX
  • Rt 410 Km 1.7 San Juan PR
  • A warm water fish hatchery releasing more than 200,000 fish annually into Puerto Rico's reservoirs. The beautiful grounds are maintained better than most golf courses. Very close to town at 18°10'12.62'N;66°59'6.64'W. (expand)
  • Info: Guided Tours On-Site
Plaza de Recreo Luis Muñoz Rivera > Attractions/Sights > Maricao (top) > Puerto Rico
Plaza de Recreo Luis Munoz Rivera
  • Plaza de Recreo Luis Muñoz Rivera
  • 787-838-2290, 787-838-2520FX
  • Calle José de Diego Maricao PR
  • (expand)
  • Salto Curet
  • 787-838-2290, 787-838-2520FX
  • Rt 425 end. Maricao PR
  • A water fall and pool, some walking may be required. (expand)
  • Torre de Piedra
  • 787-838-2290, 787-838-2520FX
  • Rt 120 Km 13.1 Maricao PR
  • Enjoy panoramic views from this stone tower. (expand)
Coffee Harvest Festival > Events > Maricao (top) > Puerto Rico
Coffee Harvest Festival
  • Coffee Harvest Festival
  • From: 2015-02-13 To: 2015-02-15
  • 787-838-2290, 787-838-2520FX
  • Johnny Arbona Stadium (front of) Maricao PR
  • Annual festival marking the end of the coffee harvest. Arts and crafts, live folk music, and typical food. Exhibitions of past and present coffee cultivating and harvesting tools and equipment. Coffee beverages and coffee desserts served. (expand)
Maricao Forest > Forests > Maricao (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Maricao Forest
  • 787-838-1040, 787-999-2200 ext 5158, 787-999-2295FX
  • Rt 120 South Rio Piedras PR
  • Observation tower, stone house, hiking and bird-watching. On a clear day you can see Mona Island from the tower. The greatest diversity in plants in Puerto Rico and a paradise for bird-watchers (over 60 species). (expand)
  • Info: Bird-Watching, Hiking, Lookout Tower, Mountains
Maricao Mayor's Office > Information > Maricao (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Maricao Mayor's Office
  • 787-838-2290, 787-838-2520FX
  • Maricao PR
  • (expand)
Maricao Tourism Office > Information > Maricao (top) > Puerto Rico
  • Maricao Tourism Office
  • 787-838-2290, 787-838-2520FX
  • Maricao PR
  • (expand)
La Casona de Juanita > Restaurants/Clubs > Maricao (top) > Puerto Rico
La Casona de Juanita
  • La Casona de Juanita
  • 787-838-2550, 787-838-2570, 787-838-2551FX
  • Parador Hacienda Juanita Maricao PR
  • (expand)
  • Info: Breakfast, Cost-Moderate, Dinner, Lunch, Mesones Gastronómicos, Open Daily, Puerto Rican, Restaurant, Seafood, Steak
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