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  • The City of San Juan is split into sub areas: Condado, Hato Rey, Miramar, Ocean Park, Puerto de Tierra, Puerto Nuevo, Río Piedras, Santurce and Viejo San Juan (Old San Juan). Those sub areas plus the ...
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  • Alejita
  • Tren Urbano - Rio Piedras Sation San Juan PR
  • "Alejita" by Cristina Piffer, two works on the North and South mezzanine. (expand)
  • Con las Cotorras
  • Tren Urbano - Martinez Nadal Station San Juan PR
  • "With Parrots" by Nathan Eugenio Budoff. (expand)
  • El Viajero
  • Tren Urbano - Domenech Station San Juan PR
  • "The Traveler" by Liliana Porter, a mosaic next to the counter. (expand)
  • Empapelando la Ciudad
  • Tren Urbano - University Station San Juan PR
  • "Wallpapering the City" by Eric Schroeder, (a mosaic in the station). (expand)
  • Encuentro Fugaces
  • Tren Urbano - Hato Rey Station San Juan PR
  • "Brief Encounters" by Susana Espinosa (near the escalator). (expand)
  • Espacios Iluminados
  • Tren Urbano - San Francisco Station San Juan PR
  • "Bright Spaces" by Lourdes Correa. (expand)
  • Esporas
  • Tren Urbano - Caparra Station San Juan PR
  • "Spores" by Edgardo Rodríguez. (expand)
  • Estela
  • Tren Urbano - Rio Piedras Station San Juan PR
  • "Estela" by Ada Bobonis. (expand)
  • Mi Río Piedras
  • Tren Urbano - Cupey Station San Juan PR
  • "My Rio Piedras" by Edgardo Rodríguez. (expand)
  • On Translation
  • Tren Urbano - Roosevelt Station San Juan PR
  • "On Translation: Urban Train" by Antonio Muntadas, images at the exits close to the counter. (expand)
  • Reflections
  • Tren Urbano - Centro Médico Station San Juan PR
  • A sculpture with 60,000 bobbins and several mirrors by Devorah Sperber, located on the on the second floor. (expand)
  • Vitral
  • Tren Urbano - Sagrado Corazón San Juan PR
  • "Vitral" by Luis Hernández. (expand)
  • Víandante
  • Tren Urbano - Piñero Station San Juan PR
  • "Pedestrian" by Marnie Pérez. (expand)
  • Árbol de Chinas
  • Tren Urbano - Las Lomas Station San Juan PR
  • "Orange Tree" by Anna Nicholson (Outside the station). (expand)
  • Ecoparque Punto Verde
  • 787-756-4000, 787-766-5454FX
  • Ave. Domenech Final San Juan PR
  • Punto Verde is an amusement park that mixes fun with experiential learning, all emerging from its theme of nature. Guests can splash, climb and jump their way through exciting attractions nettled within big bamboos and a lake. (expand)
  • Info: Entrance Fee
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  • Check San Juan Metro for Services in the Metro Area
  • San Juan PR
  • Check the San Juan Metro listings for everything from Airline Reservations to Taxis available anywhere in the metro area. The Metro listings generally include services available throughout the Metro area. Check the specific area for things that are limited ... (expand)
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