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Semana de la Danza
  • Semana de la Danza
  • From: 2015-05-02 To: 2015-05-03
  • 787-841-8044, 787-284-4141, 787-259-7478FX
  • Teatro La Perla and other venues. Ponce PR
  • A week of events to commemorate the 'danza' and one of its most prolific composers (Juan Morel Campos). This popular turn-of-the-century ballroom dance originated in Ponce and is slightly similar to the waltz. Conferences, 'danzas' and a concert by string quartets, a parade, a 'danza' competition, and demonstrations by senior couples who dress up as they used to in the 19th century. The main event is a concert offered by the Ponce Municipal Band.
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