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The name Toa Alta comes from the Taíno word for this valley: Thoa. Over the years, agriculture became the dominant economic force in the area. At the peak of the agricultural economy,

Toa Alta was also known as “Granja de los Reyes Católicos” (Farm of the Catholic Kings of Spain). It is also called “Ciudad del Josco,” and the beauty of this area has inspired major contributors to Puerto Rico’s culture and history.

These artists include the famous Puerto Rican novelist Abelardo Díaz Alfaro (author of “El Josco”) and the musician Tomás “Masso” Rivera. Rivera, a master of the cuatro, is highly regarded for his contributions to the jíbaro musical form. The Teatro Municipal Masso Rivera (an educational, artistic and cultural institution) was named in his honor.

On the Plaza de Recreo Egoscué is a legendary bala de cañón tree. Its beautiful flowers look like a shell (in red, yellow and white) and its fruit looks like a cannonball. The construction of the Parroquia San Fernando Rey (also on the plaza) started in 1752. The Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña lists this church as a historical site.

>How to go:
From Rt 22 or 2, take Rt 165 south into town.
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